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Dimond Webglass Natural Lighting

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Suitable for commercial

Webglass is manufactured in Auckland.

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Webglass is a gel coated surface protected sheet, that embodies a heavy gauge woven glass mat reinforcement. The sheet strength means that wire safety mesh is not required under the sheeting. Webglass is typically used for roofing and cladding on buildings where metal substrates would quickly corrode and deteriorate at an unacceptable rate. The gel coated top surface can be translucent to allow for natural lighting or coloured to block out the light.

Sheet Characteristics

The useful life of Natural Lighting products is determined by their ongoing ability to allow sufficient light into the building. The following table gives a guide for the recommended use and the expected useful life based on light transmission. The long-term performance of Durolite products is enhanced by the use of a 100-micron integral gel coat surface rather than a laminated polyester film (Maxilite).

Durability Guide

Product Performance Requirement Expected Useful life as Skylighting
Webglass Best for long term light transmission in industrial/commercial buildings, but extra heavy woven glass matt allows the product to be used without safety mesh. 20 years
Sheet Characteristics at End of Useful Life
Product Loss of Original Light Transmission Surface Coating Condition Glass Fibre Appearance Sheet Yellowing Ongoing Properties Hail Resistance Chemical Resistance
Webglass Up to 25% Minimal surface degradation, gloss retained Minimal pattern apparent Minimal Will remain an effective barrier to the weather for periods well in excess of their useful light transmission Sheet thickness of 1.4mm or more will not fracture from 20mm diameter hail impact in winds up to 100km/h Surface resistant to some hydrocarbons (e.g. toluene, petrol, mineral oils) & salt solutions
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