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Tricore is manufactured in Auckland.

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Tricore advanced insulated roof system

Tricore is a fully lined, insulated cost effective roof system, it is practical, fully detailed and backed by Dimond and Nuralite. Tricore offers a choice of roofing profiles and skylights easily optimised for appearance, thermal and acoustic performance, providing the flexibility to enhance performance and meet client needs.

Why Tricore?

Weather Secure – continuous roofing sheets with no end laps or joins which rely on sealant; the slotted roof rail and fastening system negates the use of long fasteners through the roof sheet that would flex due to thermal expansion.

Breathes – slotted roof rail design allows the required amount of air movement to control moisture resulting in lower moisture levels than other systems year round, removes the need to rely on a vapour barrier and reduces the risk of moisture accumulating sufficiently to cause corrosion of the roof sheet.

Insulates – consistent R-Value across the roof, reliable for the life of the roof; fastening system reduces energy loss from thermal bridging.

Aesthetic – your choice of roof profile including Dimondek 630 clip-fastened roof sheets in continuous lengths up to 90m*.

Straightforward – easy to install to Building Code requirements using the Metal Roofing Code of Practice; building is closed in quickly enabling sequencing of sub-trades to be optimised. Easy to maintain as the roof sheet can easily be replaced if damaged without disturbing the insulation.

For NZ – designed in New Zealand specifically for the rigors of New Zealand’s environment. New Zealand Building Code  compliant to clause E2/AS1 and H1.

Warranty – 15 year system warranty.

The next generation in roofing is available today, specify Tricore on your next commercial roofing project.

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