Super Six

Suitable for 3° and greater

1007 Cover width

1097 Sheet width

Super Six has a high rib

Suitable for commercial

8 ribs per sheet

Super Six is manufactured in Auckland.

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Super Six Profile

Super Six Profile

Super Six Profile Dimension



Sheet width 

1097 (mm)

Minimum Pitch

3° (approx. 1:20)

All Dimensions are nominal

Sheet Tolerances

Sheet width: ±5mm

Sheet length: +10mm, -0mm. For horizontal wall cladding where notified at time of order of intended use, tighter tolerances can be achieved +3mm, -0mm

Profile Properties

Only available in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Material Options Duraclad
Thickness (BMT) mm 1.7
Nominal weight/lineal metre (kg/m) 2.7
Drape curved roof - min. radius (m) 28
Purlin spacings for drape curved roof (m) (l) 1.2
Machine crimp curved - roof min. radius (mm) n/a
Unsupported overhang (2) 250

(1) Recommended maximum purlin spacing at minimum radius
(2) Based on 1.1kN point load support, but not intended for roof access.
n/a – not available

Roll - Forming Facilities


Sheet Lengths

Super Six is custom run to order. Where long sheets are used consideration must be given to:

  • special transportation licences for sheet lengths over 25m
  • site access for special lifting equipment
  • fixing techniques to accommodate thermal expansion.
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