Roofman Easiclad

Roofman Easiclad Cladding

835mm Cover width

875mm Sheet width

Suitable for residential

Suitable for light commercial

Suitable for commercial

Roofman Easiclad is manufactured in Hamilton.

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Roofman Easiclad Profile

Easiclad is a lo-ribbed trapezoidal wall cladding profile product designed to achieve maximum area coverage at the most economical rate. It is a cost effective product designed as an economical wall cladding for buildings ranging from small garden sheds and garages to large industrial and commercial buildings. Its attractive lo-ribbed profile will enhance the appearance of any building it is applied to.

Easiclad clear sheeting is available in a matching profile in a variety of specifications.

Roofman Easiclad Profile

Roofman Easiclad Profile Dimensions



Sheet Width



Wall Cladding Only

all dimensions given are nominal

Sheet Tolerances - TBC

Sheet width: ±5mm
Sheet length: +10mm, –0mm. For horizontal wall cladding where notified at time of order of intended use, tighter tolerances can be achieved +3mm, –0mm.

Profile Properties

Easiclad is available in Zinc coated and pre-painted steel in .40g and 55g (base metal thickness) and plain and pre-painted Aluminium .70g and .90g

Click here for a basic colour chart

Material options Steel 0.4mm Steel 0.55mm Aluminium 0.7mm Aluminium 0.9mm
Nominal weight / lineal metre (kg/m) 3.17 4.27 1.78 2.28
Unsupported overhang (1) 100 75 75 100

(1) Not intended to support point loads.

Roll-forming facility


Sheet lengths: Roofman Easiclad custom cut to length subject to available transport. Where long sheets are used consideration must be given to:

  • special transportation licences for sheet lengths over 25m
  • site access for special lifting equipment
  • fixing techniques to accommodate thermal expansion.


All materials should be checked for their compatibility and their warranties as to the suitability in the Environment to which they will be exposed. Warranties must comply with the maintenance recommendations as set down by the material.

Design Details

For design details and best practice applications, please refer to NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers' Code of Practice

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