Dimond Flatdeck Composite Flooring

Dimond Flatdeck Composite Flooring

Flatdeck Composite Flooring is manufactured in Auckland.

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Dimond Flatdeck Flooring

Flatdeck provides easy installation without the requirement for end caps, thinner concrete slabs over longer spans and a flat soffit suitable for use as an exposed ceiling. Flatdeck is manufactured by roll forming G550, Z200 Galvanised Steel in either 0.75mm or 0.95mm thick material and forms a composite Steel/Concrete Floor System, which provides both permanent formwork and positive tensile reinforcement in one way reinforced concrete slab construction.

Scope of Use

Dimond Flooring Systems use a roll-formed proled galvanised steel sheet as a component in reinforced concrete oor systems. The sheet provides both permanent formwork and positive tensile reinforcement in one way reinforced concrete slab construction over concrete block walls, poured concrete beams, steel beams or timber beams, which are subject to environmental limitations referenced to the appropriate grade of material selected. 

It is critical to product performance that the loads applied, spans, formwork material thickness and overall slab thickness are designed within the appropriate Limit State Loads and limitations published in this manual. Before commencing a project using a Dimond Flooring System, the user must refer to the information within this manual and all sections as appropriate, ensuring relevant information is available to the end user. Failure to observe this information may result in a signicant reduction in product performance. Dimond accepts no liability whatsoever for products which are used otherwise than in accordance with these recommendations.

The information contained within Flooring Systems is only applicable to Dimond Flooring Systems – it cannot be assumed to apply to similar products from other manufacturers.

Use outside the stated Guidelines

If the need arises to use the Dimond Flooring System outside the limitations and procedures given in this manual or if there exists any doubt on product handling or use, written approval should be obtained from Dimond for the specic project, before the project is commenced.

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