Dimond Baby Corrugate cladding

Dimond Baby Corrugate Cladding

815mm* Cover width

840mm* Sheet width

Baby Corrugate is manufactured in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

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Dimond Baby Corrugate Profile

An evolution of the ever popular Corrugate this profile epitomises the modern look in cladding. Commonly used for both interior and exterior applications, Baby Corrugate adds a touch of finesse.
(*can vary slightly by region)

Dimond Baby Corrugate Profile

Dimond Baby Corrugate Profile Dimensions

Cover (Northern Region)


Cover (Central Region)


Cover (Southern Region)

varies by branch, please check with your local sales team

Sheet Width (Northern Region)


Sheet Width (Central Region)


Sheet Width (Southern Region)

varies by branch, please check with your local sales team

all dimensions given are nominal

Sheet Tolerances

Sheet width: ±5mm
Sheet length: +10mm, –0mm. Where notified at time of order its intended use will be for horizontal wall cladding, tighter tolerances can be achieved +3mm, –0mm.

Profile Properties

Material options Steel 0.4mm Steel 0.55mm
Nominal weight / lineal metre (kg/m) 3.17 4.27
Unsupported overhang (1) 75 75

(1) Not intended to support point loads.

Sheet lengths: Baby Corrugate is available in lengths up to 6m long.

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